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True Stories

True Stories from the First Decade is a crowdsourced effort to collect the most important stories of actual events from within New Eden, the Universe of EVE Online, from May 2003 to May 2013. Players submitted, discussed and voted for their favorite stories.

Some of the stories may become inspiration for CCP developed books, comics and TV-series set in the EVE Universe.


Top Stories

The Mittani Sends His Regards: Disbanding Band of Brothers

On February 4, 2009, Band of Brothers ceased to exist as an alliance, violently disbanded in the most destructive act of espionage in the history of online gaming. Shortly thereafter the three-year long Great War was at an end with ...

A Ship Which Shaped History
by xttz

This story begins in early 2007. GoonSwarm and the rest of the RSF had spent several months taking their first sovereign regions. After securing Insmother and Scalding Pass, they finally broke Lotka Volterra and conquered as far south as ...

Guiding Hand Social Club's UQS contract, or The Heist where Mirial and Ubiqua Seraph have a bad day

This is the story of the Guiding Hand Social Club's most publicized contract.

Our target; Mirial - CEO of Ubiqua Seraph and executor of the Aegis Militia alliance. Over a period of many months our operatives infiltrated UQS and laid ...

Player Owned Surprise

This is a story of how John Caffeine built a fake POS in order to force an engagement.

A ship impersonating a POS is a little like a person pretending to be a tree - you can stand with arms outstretched and then careen drunkenly in ...

Titan Madness - The Lord Rahvin Story

The following is a tale of greed, betrayal, and a lust for power so pervasive, it drove one man to madness and alienated him from his corporation, alliance, and the rest of the Eve community.

It began back in early 2011 in a corner of ...

The Ferryman

As a PvP entity in Eve, you are defined both by what you kill and how you kill it.

The year was 2009. Capital killing was a regular business for Rooks and Kings. Whilst fleet combat may be our bread and butter, during the Aridia days ...

Guys, who just took my Erebus?

In early 2012 a pilot named Bluemelon appeared in the Habitual Euthanasia [HABIT] public channel to inquire about joining. I conducted an interview with him to see why he wanted to join HABIT and Pandemic Legion during which he revealed ...

Mercenary Coalition Campaign Report - The North Reloaded
by Seleene


It started out simple enough – we’d give Band of Brothers a hand here and there, maybe do a few Empire war decs and hope that somehow our client would be on the winning side. ...

Operation Deliverance - How Capsuleers conquered Providence for the Amarr Empire
by Hardin

In late 2003 a number of Amarrian capsuleer corporations came together to form the Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA). Foremost amongst these were Imperial Dreams and Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris (PIE).

The new organisation main ...


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